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Benita is an expert prosperity coach and can work closely with you to manifest the income and business opportunities you’ve always imagined for yourself.
Using a combination of Kinesiology, energetic hands on healing and meridian activation, Benita not only heals physical conditions, she facilitates a deeper release from the behaviours and patterns that are causing them.
Trauma, anger and fear is often buried by the person after the relationship is over, although these feelings are generally buried alive and raw. Your current relationship may not be fulfilling your needs, desires or spirit, but you feel trapped and unable to leave. Benita can help you address the pain from the past and guide you toward attracting a better relationship and ultimately a happier life.
Most of the problems you have with people and situations in your life, including your physical health, stem from the conditioning you experienced in your formative years. During your healing and counseling session, Benita will work with you to gently address times in your childhood where you were scared, unsupported and left. This helps to free you from repetitive problems you experience as an adult.
Benita takes considerable time to understand your spiritual being, how much your spirituality has been encouraged or suppressed, where you’re at and where you’d like to be with your spiritual development and how you can strengthen your intuitive self to higher levels.
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Healing Sessions with Benita…

Below I have answered the 8 Most frequently Asked Questions when women book for their first consultation:

  • What does a session involve? My sessions are three parts: intuitive counseling, energetic healing and tailored affirmations.
  • Can I keep my clothes on? Your clothes are always on for the whole session. It’s handy if you’re wearing comfortable clothes.
  • Do you do anything weird or spooky? No, there’s nothing weird or spooky about me. Most women who come to me, have had a reading or Reiki session before (or some kind of natural therapy session) and are familiar with the concepts I talk about. I keep the session down-to-earth, real and grounded. 
  • Are you going to confront me with stuff? We grow because we learn new things. Sometimes the new things we learn are undiscovered things in ourselves and forgotten feelings that we’ve buried. Any feeling which is buried can be confronting when it’s addressed. New things are always confronting. I don’t talk about confronting things all the time, just a bit of the time, enough to help you gently move into a new place. The amount of stuff I might confront you with is determined by the level of support you have in your life.
  • How many sessions do I need? Just one of my sessions will contain enough guidance to use for the rest of your life. My healing sessions will always help you live a happier life and your energy will change to allow you to attract new people into your life. If you want to continue to increase your level of health and happiness, you will need ongoing support through regular healing sessions as you implement changes. You will at least need the support of trusted friends or a partner, to help you implement the changes that you want to make. Your willingness to change within a session and after a session, will determine the speed of your progress towards the goals and desires that lead you to me in the first place.
  • How am I likely to feel afterward? You will definitely feel lighter, clearer and more alive. The goal is get your entire life in focus and moving again in the same positive direction. You’ll also feel quieter in your mind and more confident in yourself. 
  • Are you just a service or do you have products as well? I have the best health supplements available! You can purchase them after your session. I’ve been using them myself for many years and I only stock products that I know and trust implicitly. They boost immunity, lift your spirits, speed up recovery and keep you looking youthful!
  • Will I like you? I’m the person you never had in your life. I am here to totally support you and believe in you in the best way possible and on all levels possible. I am real, straightforward and will make you laugh a little. You can ring me for a chat and find out :-D

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Testimonial from Lyn

“I see Benita regularly. Since I’ve been seeing her, I feel I’ve grown a lot. I feel mentally different and I’ve realized that I don’t have to put up with bad behaviour. I feel empowered: I never thought I’d use that word!”
Lyn, Bank Clerk, Greensborough.

Heal Your Physical, Emotional and Energetic Self.

Benita combines multiple readings, energy healing and intuitive counselling into a two hour session at her healing practice in Eltham, N.E. Melbourne.
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Testimonial from Christa

“When the world spins for me from time to time, Benita’s non-judgmental attitude, clarity, reassurance and constantly relevant advice, provides me with a positive framework for life’s decisions. I trust her. Most importantly, Benita helps me believe that I can achieve what I strive for in life.”
Christa, Recruitment Consultant, Kensington.
Uncover the emotional and energetic causes behind your physical aliment and heal the cause not the symptom.Kinesiology Melbourne
Break out from your recurring emotional patterns and learn to embrace your abundant potential and move forward.Intuitive Counselling
Talk through all your options with the guidance of Numerology, Tarot and Benita’s psychic empath abilities.Feel like your self again

Testimonial from Morag

“I really like coming to see Benita, she’s just a miracle worker, I feel so blessed to have found her. I don’t know how I would have coped without the sessions. Buried issues emerge out of nowhere. I’m left with a sense of lightness.”
Morag, Management Consultant, Eltham.

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Feel Better and Lighter with More Clarity After Just One Session!

Benita employs an all natural, holistic approach to your health and well being. She empathicaly tunes into your body, heart and mind in order to help you unlock deep patterns and remove blocks which are stopping you from moving forward. Your session with Benita will heal you toward a healthier, happier and more abundant state.

Testimonial from Angela

“Thank you Benita for your wonderful support and your helpful service. I’m grateful for your wisdom on my life’s journey. Keep helping people because you’re good at it!”
Angela, Hairdresser, Essendon.

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Testimonial from Holly

“Benita gave me the most amazing insight for where I’m at.”
Holly, Nanny, Hurstbridge.