Spirituality counselling graduates are coming out of the woodwork

Spirituality counselling graduates are coming out of the woodwork

A number of graduates are being told they will need to leave their current jobs to be able to take up the new spiritual counselling degree.

The training has been held at the Boudersmith University in the city of London.

The spiritual counselling programme has been a long-term aim of Boudermans founder, Prof David Boud, and he told National Geographic that his university’s graduates would be expected to leave the traditional role of a housewife to take the spiritual counselling course.

“There is no other job that would suit this kind of career for young people,” he said.

Spiritual counselling courses are held at universities in a number of different countries, but Prof Boud said the UK was the first to launch the program in the UK.

“When I started working at Bouds, I saw a number people come to us because they had problems with their lives, they had suicidal thoughts, and they were looking for guidance,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I had a student come to me because she had just gone through a breakup and her boyfriend had come over and she had felt really lonely and didn’t know what to do.”

The next day, she went into the programme and went on a spiritual journey and came out of that a happier person.

“That’s what the university is aiming for.”

So that’s a huge success story.

“The training is being held at a private university, but some graduates have told the BBC that they do not know where their courses are to take place.

Prof Boud is the first in the world to launch a spiritual counselling training in the US, with the programme to be rolled out in other parts of the world.

The programme is designed to help students with mental health issues and the Bournemouth-based university is also offering its graduates spiritual counselling certificates.

David Boud told National the aim of the programme is to help graduates “reclaim their lives”.”

It’s really about changing your behaviour, about how you feel about yourself,” he added.”

And I think a lot of young people are struggling with depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts.

“You can help them find their place in their life.”

The spiritual counsellor programme is available to all UK graduates aged 18 and over.

It has a range of options for students, with courses offered at a variety of universities and some universities will even offer a certificate in the future.