Why this religious college’s religious counseling program is ‘unbelievably’ effective

Why this religious college’s religious counseling program is ‘unbelievably’ effective

A religious college in New York City is offering its graduates a diploma that promises to help them cope with spiritual crises.

The graduation program, which is being offered to students in the New York University School of Law, is the first to be offered by a New York university in more than a decade.

“The graduation is an important milestone in the transition from faith to non-faith and it is also an opportunity to educate people about the important role that spirituality plays in their lives,” said the school’s president, Christopher S. Brown, in a statement on the graduation.

The program, called Spiritual Counseling for Law Students, is meant to prepare students to cope with personal spiritual challenges and help them find ways to navigate religious spaces.

It is offered to undergraduate students and graduates, who will receive a certificate from the university.

The university said it was working with students to prepare them for the next stage of their lives.

“Our goal is to give these graduates the tools to navigate their faith safely and appropriately,” the school said in a release.

“The graduates of Spiritual Law School will have the knowledge, skills, and experience to navigate the life of faith, whether as a legal professional, as a parent, or as a teacher.”