Spiritual counseling techniques taught at Boulder spiritual centers

Spiritual counseling techniques taught at Boulder spiritual centers

Boulder, Colorado (CNN) — Boulder’s spiritual centers have been teaching spiritual counseling techniques for years.

The centers have offered free spiritual counseling sessions since 2005, but the practice has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Now, Boulder’s Spiritual Counseling Institute has launched an online video series titled “How to Get Through Your Spiritual Crisis.”

Its founder, Amy Fagan, says the series has been a success and hopes to expand to other cities.

“It’s really a tool for people to share their experiences and get support,” she said.

“It helps people with depression, anxiety and PTSD get some help.

It’s really helpful to people who are struggling with issues like addiction and depression.”

Amy Fagan is the spiritual counselor for the Boulder Spiritual Counselor Center.

She said the videos have helped people to talk about their feelings and help them deal with the problems they’re experiencing.

“This has been an incredible experience for us,” she told CNN.

“I think the most positive part is that it’s not a judgmental way of talking about it.

It really helps people who don’t have much control in their life.

We’re just here to support people to really get through the journey of their lives and move forward.”

Amy’s father, Steve Fagan says the videos help people who need support get to know each other and connect with others in the spiritual community.

“We’re very proud of that,” he said.

“I think it’s really, really positive for the community, especially when you’re trying to cope with this, because you’re sharing your story and letting other people know what you’re going through,” he added.

The spiritual counseling video series will be available for everyone to watch on the Boulder Center’s YouTube channel, which has more than 17,000 subscribers.

Amy and Steve are also organizing a “Spiritual Counseling for People with PTSD” event for the next month.

“My dad and I, we both have PTSD, we’re both trying to heal and get better, and that’s how we’ve decided to use this program,” Amy said.

Amy said the program has helped people who have been struggling with depression and PTSD.

“When you’ve been struggling, the best thing you can do is talk to somebody about it, and when you’ve really come to a point where you feel like you’re in the right place, and you’re talking to somebody and they’re going to be able to help you through that, that’s really the best way for you to go about it,” she explained.

Spiritual counseling is becoming more popular as depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders become more prevalent.

“If you’re struggling, you can get help,” Amy explained.

“You just have to look at the positive side and the positive thing about it.”

Amy said there are two types of spiritual counseling.

The first type is to help people “talk to God” and help find solutions to their problems.

The second type is “spiritual guidance.”

“You can have spiritual counseling as a means of helping you with your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, and so forth,” Amy noted.

“But there’s a second aspect to that that can be very helpful, which is to get people to find the courage to open up about their issues and to be open about it to the people that they’re with.

It can help people really get to the root of their problems.”