When a New York woman says she was raped by a friend and told to pray to God for forgiveness

When a New York woman says she was raped by a friend and told to pray to God for forgiveness

Spiritual counseling is one of those fields where the best information is often not available to the lay person.

But that’s exactly what the woman in question did in a Facebook post on February 16, and it sparked a lot of controversy.

The woman, who asked that her last name not be published, wrote that she was a “prayer shy” at the time of the incident, and her “self-defense prayer” to God had gone horribly wrong.

She also wrote that while she had been feeling better since the rape, the assault had still happened and that her “spiritual healing is still in flux.”

In her post, she wrote that a friend of hers had been having suicidal thoughts and that she had asked the woman to pray for her “help, support and healing.”

“She said she had not prayed for any of it,” the post said.

“I asked her if she was going to be praying for my brother and her mom, who are also both hurting.

She told me she had prayed for her mom and brother.”

She also said that her mother had asked her to pray that she would be okay.

The post was shared over 10,000 times and was viewed more than 50,000.

At the time, I shared a story on the blog, My First Prayer, about how I had prayed that I could find my way back home after being raped, and how I was still very much feeling the effects of the assault.

I had no idea that my story would get shared on Facebook, let alone be shared by a New Yorker.

But it did, and after reading it, I felt very much like the woman had gone through some kind of spiritual cleansing, which she has described in the post.

She wrote that her friend had been “waking up with a very strong urge to pray.”

I was able to wake up, she said.

I asked her for some spiritual guidance, and she was able tell me that the woman’s faith was weak.

She said that the person she prayed with said that she did not have a lot to offer her.

I told her I would pray for healing.

But the person I prayed with did not want me to pray.

I wanted to pray with her and tell her that she could pray with me.

I felt she was praying for her own suffering, but she was not asking for any help.

She asked her friend to pray “for her mom” and to pray at the local homeless shelter.

She said that while her friend’s prayer was helpful, it was not enough.

So I prayed that she pray with God for me. “

But I had no faith in her.

So I prayed that she pray with God for me.

When she did, she told me that God had forgiven me, and I was safe.”

She then prayed that God would grant her a better spiritual healing and “a chance to heal with God and be healed in her own way.”

She said it was “the best prayer I had ever made.”

I am praying for you all, I told myself.

You are all healing and healing and growing in love.

And the best part is that I don’t have to think about the rape anymore.

I don and you know it.

I will pray for you.

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