How to work through your fears and get the most out of your faith

How to work through your fears and get the most out of your faith

By: Sam FirthRead moreShareThis quote from a spiritual counselor who works with young people can be a lifesaver.

“I tell them to find a way to think outside the box,” said Susan K. Miller, a psychotherapist who works at the North Shore Center for Youth and Spiritual Development in New York City.

“Just as they need to understand the world in which they live and how they can get by, I also say, ‘Here is a way you can get the best out of this.

And if you do it well, you will be rewarded.’

That’s what I tell them, and that’s what it means to work on the spiritual side of things.”

Kathleen O’Brien, a former pastor and author of The Faithful Christian, a book on Christian spiritual development, is a spiritual leader in her 40s who has also worked with young adults in the past.

“When I teach young people how to find God in a world where there is so much darkness, there is no hope, I always tell them that they are the most precious gift that has ever been given to the world,” O’Brien said.

“They have a gift of understanding and they are able to use it in order to create change in their world.”

O’Brien has worked with people who have had mental illness or substance abuse issues in order get them to take action, and she has seen an increase in the number of young people turning to the healing power of faith.

O’Brey is now counseling teens and adults at her North Shore center on how to deal with depression and anxiety, how to change the way they think about their faith, how they feel and who they are.

“There is something to be said for that,” she said.

The key is to find the courage to speak up and to share that you have a problem.

I also teach them that it is possible to change who they see themselves to be.

“Miller says it takes time to get to know someone.

If you don’t know someone, that’s okay. “

We can talk about how we feel or where we are in our lives, but if we don’t talk about it, we don to talk about what we feel and what we need to do,” she explained.

“If you don’t know someone, that’s okay.

I think there is a lot of work to be done, but that’s something you do.”