How a Christian-led group of parents is changing the way kids learn about sex

How a Christian-led group of parents is changing the way kids learn about sex

A new movement for parents to teach kids about sexuality has emerged from a small group of religious leaders.

In a move that could have profound implications for the future of the church, a group of pastors are urging parents to talk about sex and marriage as a way to help kids learn to have more open minds about sexuality.

They are calling this new approach to “sexual ethics.”

They call it “sexual ethic therapy,” and the movement’s founders say it’s based on a biblical interpretation of the Bible that says sex is for procreation and marriage is for a committed relationship.

“We are trying to teach children the difference between the sexual act and the sexual behavior,” said Robyn Davenport, a pastor in suburban St. Louis who founded the movement.

“That’s not the case.””

For years, people have said we shouldn’t teach children about sex because we teach them that the Bible says we shouldn�t teach children anything about sexuality,” she said.

“That’s not the case.”

Davenport and her husband are among a small number of pastors and religious leaders in the United States and around the world who have signed onto a group called the Sexual Ethics Coalition, which has formed its own network of churches to offer education about sex.

The coalition, which includes more than 200 churches and Christian organizations, is a coalition of people who have a common set of beliefs about the nature of sex.

It is a group that’s very active in the churches, says David Easley, who runs the blog.

“It’s not a movement, it�s not a group, it’s a coalition,” he said.

Easley is part of a new movement that’s growing in popularity.

The movement began as a Christian group in the U.K. that is dedicated to teaching children about the Bible and the church.

It’s now spread around the U