The spiritual marriage counselor, seattle? She may have to go elsewhere

The spiritual marriage counselor, seattle? She may have to go elsewhere

Seattle is the spiritual home of many.

But a couple of years ago, the city became the site of a nationwide spiritual marriage counseling craze after a Seattle woman went public with her story of her spiritual marriage.

“It was a real catalyst for me to be more open about it,” Ms Murchison told ABC News.

The couple met online, and Ms Mowery’s story began to become more public.

“My husband said, ‘If you were going to get married, you would be a spiritual counselor’,” she said.

She started receiving support from others in her field, and she began getting more messages from people who felt the same way.

Her story made national headlines.

In August, she was invited to speak at a gathering of the Seattle Area Association of Spiritual Ministries.

Now, Ms Moomison is speaking to other spiritual couples and couples in need of a spiritual marriage counsellor.

‘It was all about my spiritual needs’ “I just wanted to be able to say, ‘I have a spiritual need that I need to be healed, and I am willing to go to a spiritual therapist, if I can make it through this experience’,” she told ABC.

At first, Ms Gannon was hesitant.

“I knew I had to get it done because I had a spiritual healing issue and I knew I didn’t want to hurt myself,” she said, but she eventually agreed to speak.

Ms Murchion says she had no idea how to get started.

I had no clue what was coming, so I did the first thing I could think of, she said