Spiritual Couple Therapy: What to Expect

Spiritual Couple Therapy: What to Expect

The name Spiritual Couples Therapy (SCTM) may sound a bit confusing. 

However, it is a very simple, effective way of dealing with a range of issues in the relationship between you and your partner. 

This article will explain the main issues that SCTM addresses and how to work with them in a healthy and loving way. 

If you want to know more about SCTM and what you can do to improve your relationship, please see our SCTM Resources page. 

The aim of SCTM is to support and nurture the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of the partner you are in a relationship with, while also encouraging and supporting their healing process. 

There are many different types of SCTMs available to choose from, ranging from the traditional form of counselling, to the non-traditional form of SCM. 

When choosing between the two types, you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

So, what is SCTM? 

SCTM is an intensive, group-based, spiritual and psychological therapy that helps couples deal with common spiritual, emotional and relational issues in their relationship. 

SCTMs have a number of components, and include: a structured and practical programme, which can be designed to suit your needs and that of your partner;